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Burst or Leaking Pipes?

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Is your water bill higher than usual? Burst and leaking pipes may be common plumbing problems throughout Balwyn but they need to be repaired as soon as possible. Left unrepaired, a burst or leaking pipe can not only cause a considerable amount of damage to your property but also waste a vast amount of water.

Water pipe damage often occurs beneath the ground or inside wall cavities and so may not be immerdiately apparent. You can quickly test for leaks yourself. First, make sure there is no water running anywhere on your property and that you have turned off all taps, including those to your washing machine and toilets. Check your water meter. If the gauge is moving you should contact Jordan on 0417 49 59 69 immediately; you likely have a leaking or burst pipe.

Balwyn Local Plumbing have the latest leak detection technology to quickly locate and identify the source of the problem. Once the source has been found we will expose the pipe and make any necessary repairs.


If your damaged pipe is below ground it may need to be exposed for repair. We will bring in our small, mobile excavator. The excavator is capable of accessing and working in the smallest of backyards. The excavator means a faster repair and far less mess and disruption to the surrounding areas. This can save you a considerable amounts of time and cost.


Our plumbers accept payment by EFTPOS or credit card with our mobile EFTPOS facilities.

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